Barcode of Wildlife Term Definitions

Specimen metadata must be entered in the standard spreadsheet template before it can be uploaded to the BWP Field Information Management System (FIMS).

The most recent version of the spreadsheet template can be downloaded here: BWP_FIMS_Spreadsheet_07_Nov_14.xlsx.

Below are all of the column headings from this spreadsheet, along with detailed definitions and guidance on how to fill out your spreadsheets for this project.


Required for FIMS upload

Not having an entry in a Required for FIMS column will prompt an Error, and you will not be able to upload your spreadsheet to the FIMS.

Required for LIMS integration

The Required for LIMS columns are required before you can work with your specimens in the Geneious LIMS software.

Required for GenBank publication

The Required for GenBank columns are specimen metadata that the BWP Specimen SOP Working Group have decided that all BWP reference library records must have.

Controlled Vocabulary

All entries in a column with this icon will be checked against a list in a Controlled Vocabulary. If the entry in this column is not in this list, it will either cause an Error or a Warning. Check the Controlled Vocabulary section of the definition to see the list, and to see whether not being in that list will cause an Error or Warning.